Designed for 16:9 and 4:3 Aspect Ratio Screens

Full HD Resolution Easily Achieved with TV-46

AirTV-46 Specifica0on (Full HD 1080P)
Pixel Pitch
Panel Dimension
Panel Resolu8on
Module Dimension
Module Resolu8on
Full HD
Full HD
TV-46- 1X 1.6 1024x576x38 640×360 256×192 160×120 3×3 3.072×1.728 3525
TV-46- 2X 2.13 1024x576x38 480×270 256×192 120×90 4×4 4.096×2.304 4700
TV-46 -2 2.67 1024x576x38 384×216 256×192 96×72 5×5 5.12×2.88 5874

2. Air TV-46 Solution

2.1 Superior Image Quality of high contrast ratio of 4000:1
and high color fidelity of 16-bit signal processing

3. Air TV-46 Installation

3.1 Easier and Simpler installation, front installation and Service and simple cable connection to save space behind the video wall

Air TV-46 series products are designed for fixed indoor applications and are fully front serviceable. Installation thickness of the cabinet is only 38mm. That is suited for wall mounting, embedded Installation, vertical Installation and other types of integration.Perfectly suited for environments where space is at the premium panels’ depth is ultra-thin, thus it helps to save space leaving the space well-organized and neat. Organic integration of screen into the environment.

  • Recommended installation thickness: 120 ~ 130mm.
  • Reserved space at the back of the screen for cooling: 70 ~ 100mm (min).
  • Installation space air conditioning or cooling fan ensures stable operation of the screen.
  • Recommended installation height: ≦ 6 meters.

To ensure stable work it is recommended to install the screen of total height of not more than 6 meters. Maximum display height should not exceed 12 panels.

4. Air TV-46 Service

4.1 Led video wall installation and maintenance can be operated in the front, which is perfect for wall mount where the space is a major factor.

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5. Air TV-46 Application

5.1 Mainly used for boardroom, meeting room, reception area, command and control room, monitoring centre, broadcast and TV studio, and other high-end retail market.