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From plug-and-play meeting rooms to event spaces with expansive capabilities, StreamTech is a full-service provider of integrated audio visual solutions for automation, presentation, collaboration and unified communications. We eliminate end-user uncertainty by designing for ease-of-use and implementing global AV standards across the enterprise.


Build face-to-face relationships with your global team without ever leaving the office!
Conduct your meetings with confidence, when and how you need to.
Communicate across your organization with the click of a button.
Stop trying to ignore the office chatter. Mask it for enhanced efficiency and privacy.
Enhance productivity and hold impromptu collaboration sessions with ease across your organization


The Fulton Street Westfield Mall is more than spectacular architecture and an amazing view; it’s an immersive experience inside a world famous landmark. StreamTech designed and integrated the most advanced audio-visual technology available to help FSM create that immersive experience. This collaborative process included:
  • Designing a server room for all of the digital CMS server equipment.
  • Extending video signal over fiber – fiber termination.
  • Assisting union trades in system installation and calibration.
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